Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dream Symbols

I have always been an avid dreamer. I dream almost nightly. In fact, if I don't have dreams, I know that is a sign of depression or anxiety.  It is because I dream so frequently that I pay attention to what I dream about.  I do not think that dreams are important to everyone, but I do think they are to me.  I am entertained by them, solve problems through them, and am sometimes quite confused by them.  I have read many books on dream theory and research but I feel it is most important to understand what the dreams mean personally to me.  Do all dreams have "meaning?" No, I think there are many types of dreams. I have divided mine into several categories: 
  1. Purging dreams- this type of dream is full of ideas or imagery from my day.  Something I read in a book or saw on tv or a conversation that I had with someone. I think that my brain just tries to lump these together in a cohesive way and I get these bizarre dreams.  Ususally when I wake up, I can remember where the individual ideas or images came from.
  2. Movie dreams- these dreams usually have a plot and characters.  There is a problem that needs solving.  If I could remember these in detail, they would make a great book or movie.  This is how Stephanie Meyers got the idea for the  Twilight novels.  Maybe the movie dreams could make me rich! LOL.
  3. Symbolic dreams- this type of dream is usually rich in symbolism. These take more time to dicipher because I have to ponder what the dream means.  Some symbols are obvious to me, others are more obscure.  There are universal symbols but I more strongly believe that personal symbolism has greater meaning.  I have been taught many lessons through these types of dreams.  I have solved difficult problems.  These are the types of dreams often found in the Bible.  I think that our minds are more open to spiritual communication while we are resting.  This is one way that I feel that my prayers get answered.  The morning of this past birthday, I woke up and realized that I received a parable as a dream.  It was a precious gift.
  4. Prophetic dreams-  these dreams are rare.  These are things that I have dreamed about and then they came true.  I had a dream like this before Daniel and I even started dating, that we were married.  I dreamed about each of my children before I was even pregnant with them. I have dreamed about places we ended up moving to later.  Interestingly, I don't know that these were glimpses into the future until they actually happen.  Like I said, very rare.
One thing that has been a rather consistant symbol is that when I dream about losing a tooth, someone dies.  Not always someone close to me.  I dreamt about losing a tooth the night before Princess Diana died, before my grandparents both passed away, before President Hinkley died.  There have been many others.  I don't dream this dream often, but it is very consistant. 
Well, last night I dreamt that I lost a tooth.  Then when I was fussing about the tooth I lost, 3 more fell out.  In my dream, Daniel told me that I would be just fine and then one more fell out.  I woke up so disturbed! It was a helpless feeling.  I hope that this is the first time that this symbol means something else.  Maybe it could be that I fear getting old, or maybe it is because we have dealt with so much death this year.  Who knows.  I just know that for 15 years that it has meant death.  I hope I am wrong this time.
I wonder if anyone else pays this much attention to their dreams. Haunting or not, I will still look forward to dreaming.

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  1. Is this why you sounded a little down on the phone today? Expecting a devastating phone call? That's crazy that losing a tooth always predicts someone's death.

    I'm sure I dream nightly, but I rarely remember them. They are mostly "purging" kinds. I can generally connect the details of the dream to things that happened the previous day. I have vivid dreams at the beginning and end of pregnancies. But did I ever tell you about the dream where I helped Carob give birth on the beach? It was incredible. And one month later, I was helping her bring Theater in the Park to life.