Did you know that 3/4 of kids are bullied, all kids are bugged by a bully one time or another, and it will affect your life forever if you are bullied?
            Bullies are people of any shape, size, or gender, that pick on someone that can’t defend themselves. They name call, tease, or even threaten others to make themselves feel powerful. Bullies have the same characteristics, and use the same kinds of bullying which have some things different, and the same about them. Victims have the same characteristics, and are affected by bullying a lot.
            Even though bullies might seem like the biggest kid in the class, they are not. Bullies can be any shape or size, and they can be either a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter what they look like though. They are all being mean. Victims can also be any shape or size, and can be a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter what they look like either. They are someone who can’t defend themselves.
            Another problem with bullying is that if a bully does something, it not only affects them, but everyone they are doing it to. If a bully teases, the victim doesn’t have any self confidence. If the bully wants power, the victim doesn’t want to go outside. It the bully comes from a bullying family, the victim will feel sick. This is a big part of bullying because it affects so much more people then just the bully.
            There are also different kinds of bullying. First there is physical bullying. This kind of bullying includes hitting, kicking, punching, and slapping. Second is relationship bullying. This includes ignoring people, and leaving them out of the group. The third one is cyber bullying this one includes bullying through text, email cell phones, computers, chat rooms, and social networking sites. The last kind is verbal bullying. This is insulting and name calling. All these types of bullying are all so different, as well as the same. They are all meant to be mean, make the victim feel worthless, make the victim sick to their stomach, and makes the victim want to shay inside or at home.
            So now that you know what bullying is and what it can do, we need to try and stop bullying once and for all, because it affects the victim and the bully. They both have characteristics, and there are lots of kinds of bullying that can be used to make victims feel lousy and worthless.

 Martin Luther King Jr.
           Martin Luther King Jr. wanted his children to live in a world with equality andjustice for all. This is how I am applying what he said, in my like;by not discriminating, not being violent to stand up for something and how I have accomplished his dream
           First, I don't discriminate. Now even though people still discriminate, we can make it so that no one will discriminate, by showing people that everyone matters, no matter what color we are, I think that when people siscriminate against color, it's like having a picute that is just white. I think that when we don't discriminate againsh color, it's like having a beatiul mural withh all the colors of the rainbow.
           Next is protesting with nonviolence.
Martin LutherKing Jr. said, "Nonviolent resestance is not a method for cowards. Though not physically aggressive toward he opponent, the nonviiolent resister constantly seeks to persuade an opponent that he is wrong."
           This principle of this really sticks out to me.. I think that using nonviolent protests is the best thing to do I show this by instead of hurting, you could write a letter or talk it through. my chool doesn't let us dress up on Halloween, so my teacher had us write a letter to the principle on why we should dress up. This is nonviolent protest.
           Last, I want to say how I have accomplished his dream. Other people have done things to stop color seperation and slavery, which is what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted. but alas, there is still discrimination in the world today. If ever I see something like this, I see to it that it stops, or I tell someone. I have oticed that if I do this, my frienas or even just people around me try and stop it to 
           As a conclusion, I would like to say that by not discriminating, using nonviolent protests, and accomplishing Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, I am showing hwo I have accomplished what he wanted in this world. That his children could live in this wrld and not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have helped accomplish his dream.