The Mysteries of August Ralsten

Chapter One
The Girls

            It was a cold and rainy day. Annabelle and Justice were sitting on the shore of a lake when it happened. All they can remember is a dark mysterious thing come out of the forest. 
            Well I should probably tell you the beginning of the story before I tell you the end. Annabelle and Justice have been friends ever since they could walk. They had been through everything together. From the first day of school to the day they graduated from elementary school. They hung out with each other everyday and had all the same friends. They always had sleep overs at each others houses and told each other all of their secrets. Or at least they thought that they had.

Chapter Two 
The Fight
           Annabelle walked over to Justice's house. 
     "We should go to the park today," said Annabelle.
     "But I thought that we had agreed on going to the forest today by the old lake."
     "Well I don't want to go to the forest anymore. I want to go to the park. We can go to the forest next week."
     "But I want to go today."
     "Well you can go but I'm not going to go."
     " Fine then!" Justice yelled, " I will go alone!"
     "Fine! I don't care!"
     A stupid thing to argue about. I know. They will be able to say sorry about it and take it back, but one thing that will never be taken back is what will happen in the forest on the 13th of October.

The Adventures of Ezra

            The last thing I remember was that my family ate dinner,and went to bed. Then at midnight, I was awoken by a man that looked to be my father. I was wrong.
            "Get in the car," the man demanede ina nangyr but wuiet voice I got in It was hard ssince they had tied my hads together. 
           I started thinking after a while. how on Earht could they have gotten me out of the house without waking up anyone else? How did they even get in there in the first place?
           "Where are they?" I asked
           "Who?" said the man in a grumpy voice.
           "My family. Where are they? What did you do to them?" I quiestoned.
           "Why do I always get stuck with the onry little kids," mumbled the man 
           "I am not little! Now tell me where they are!"
           Another man appeared. This one had a seringe. I ducked, but he got me anyway.
           When I woke up, I had no iidea where we were. I didn't even know how long I had been asleep.
           As we kept driving, all I heard was the sound of gravel under the tires.
           The car turned a corner, and we stopped,
           "Sqeeeeeeak," the tires screamed as we came to a stop.
           As I got out, I stepped on some pinecones. Trees for miles, the chirping of birds the scent of a dyeing fire in the air, and the sound of a running river.
           'Welcome to your new home," said the man as he yawned.
           The bags under his eyes told me we had been gone for a few days. My parents must have noticed I had been gone now.
           One fo the men turned on the radio.
           'Missing girl," it said, "about 12 years old, five feet tall, blue eyes, and white. Last time she was seen, she was wearing blue pajamas If you find any clues, call 801-555-5555."
           The man turned off the radio.
           "It's all rubbish. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish," he looked at me, "you were wearing pink pajamas."
           I sat and stared at him for a long time.
          "Who are you?" I asked.
         "My name is Aurther," he said. He gestured to the other, "and his name is Fenwick."
           I looked them over. Aurther was a little chubby, had bags under his eyes and needed to shave. He had brown eyes, black hair and an English accent.
           Fenwick on the other hand looked like he hadn't eaten for a while, and like he hadn't eaten for a while, and was clean shaven. He had eyes as blue as the sky, hair like brown chocolate, and was tall.
           "Fenwick here is about the same age as you er..."
           "What?" I asked
           "Oh, I just don't know your name," Aurther said.
           "It's, uh, I forgot," I said
           I started to cry 
          "It's all your fault! I forgot everything after that shot you gave me!"
           "Well, let's make you a new name,"  Fenwick said in a calm, comfortin voice, "do you remember what month you were born in?"
           "No. I forgot," I said.
          "Do you remember a flower you used to like."
          "No. I don't remember anything. I already said that," I explained
           Close to tears I said, "I always have liked the name Ezra."
           "Then we'll call you Ezra," Fenwick said wiping my tears away.
           The rest of the day Aurther made me sweep, which was pointless because it's dirt ground. Fenwick had gone to the forest to find dinner.
           We ate a wuall for dinner. When we were done, night had fallen. Aurther had gane to bed, so me and Fenwick cleaned up.
           "So Fenwick, how did you end up here?" I asked him.
           "Same way you did I got taken from my hame about two years ago. It took about a week until everyone was talking about the tenyear old boy that mysteriously disappeared in the night. The police told my parents that their only son must have died."
           'I'm so sorry," I said.
           Fenwick looked at the ground. I could tell he was trying to hold back tears.
           "Um...let's just go to sleep. it's getting late," I said.
           We set up our sleeping bags by the fire and looked at the stars. it felt like we had only been asleep for five minutes when we were awoken by a bang.
           "BANG!" The sound of a gun. I instantly woke up scared and screaming.
           "Rise and shine sleepy heads," Aurther boomed, "Today we move to a new forest."
          "Why?" I asked.
           "Beacuse today on the news, they reported tiers tracks leading to a forest. Our forest."
          "Well that's great! I can go back to my family," I said excitedly. 
           "It's not great for me," Aurther said, "I'll go to jail! I mean kidnapping five kids in two years isn't exactly good with the cops."
           "Five? I thought it was only me and Fenwick" I said puzzled.
           "Nope. There's three more where we're going" he said, " so get into the car. now!"
           We made our way through the mountain. It wasn't exactly easy because there wasn't a road and it was  super bumpy. We had to weave through lots of trees.
           Finally, after twelve hours we had made it There was a tiny lean to and a small fire.
           We got out of the car. Three kids about my age came out of the lean to.
           "Hi guys," Fenwick said.
           "Fenwic!" a girl screamed.
She ran p and gave him a hug.
           "Ezra, this is my sister, April," Fenwick said.
           April curtsied.
           "How do you do?" she asked me.
           "Er...okay, I guess," I replied.
           "Sorry. I shouldn't have asked. I know it's always hard on your first day," April said.
           "It's okay. Fenwick, which one of you is older?" I asked
           "April, by two minutes,"
            "Three minutes," April corrected.
           "You guys are twins?" I asked, "that's so cool. I've always wanted a twin."
           "Not after you spend a week with Fenwick," April said.
           "Whatever. Anyway Ezra, this is Aldoronon, and this is Fredrick," he said pointing to two boys, "and you know April. guys thie is Ezra."
           "Hi Ezra," a boy said. He had glasses, blond, short hair, bright green eyes, adn was white. "I'm Aldronon.
           "Nice tp meet you." said the other boy. He was white, had red hair, and gray eyes. "I'm Fredrick."
           "Hey," I said.
           "Just make yourself compfy" said April. 
           I looked her over. She had torn jeans, brown hair like Fenwicks, blue eyes, and was white.
           I put my stuff down. It wasn't much. Just a Sleeping bag and slippers.
           "Come on; time to get some food prepared,' Fenwick said.
           We went and found some berries in the woods. That was all we could find.
           We went back to camp and ate them for dinner.
           At around midnight, everyone but Aurther was still awake and talking.
          "Wait. Shhh," I said, "did you guys hear that?"
           "Hear what Ezra?" asked Fredrick.
           "I don't know what it was. Come on. Let's go look," I beamed.
           We went into the forest. It was so dark that we could only see two feet in front of us.
           "Ouch!" We heard someone yell.
           " Who was that?" I said.
           "Just Fenwick," said April, "He probably just ran into a tree or something.'
           He hadn't. All went bright and we saw a monster that was easily 50 feet tall. It had yellow green teeth and toenails with fungus growing out of them.
           "RUN!" april screamed, but it was to late
           The giant picked us up it sounded like it was trying to talk to them, but it was speaking in some foreing language.
           It put us down on the side of a cliff and left. They looked around.
           "Look at all those rocks," said Aldronon in awe.
           "Those aren't rocks," Fredrick said, "those are sleeping giants!"
           "Let's try to be quiet, becauseif the giants wake up, they will attack and then eat us," I said.
           I fell asleep on the cliff. I dreamed of my last night at home before I was taken. I dreamed that I had played with my friends. I was late to dinner, so I had to go to bed earlier then usual. My family then left me at hame alone. When they came back, I was gone.
           I woke up crying, sorry that my goodby had been an arguement.
           "Shhhhhh," Aldronon said, " you'll wake them up.
           We sat on that cliff for two days, eating nothing but crumbs we found i our pockets.
           Finally, one day a search helicopter found us sitting there. I came home and my parents couldn't stop hugging me.
           Theree years later, when I was 15, I went to an insame asylun because I claimed I had seen giants. I did, but no one believes me. That's why I'm still i the asylum.

The End