Bella Lewis

I Am From
I am from
            Porch-sitting on a rainy day
            Feeling the bitter wind whipping through my hair
            The pitter patter on my skin
I am from
            Excruciating softball in the summer
            And freezing polar plunging in the winter
I am from
            Driving to school in the morning
            Just to get shoved and pummeled in the halls
            Listening to the teacher ranting on in the same monotone voice
            Blah blah blah
I am from
            Fresh food from the sea
            Shrimp, crab, and lobster
            Still with their nasty fish scents
I am from
            Asking for bizarre, shocking, neon socks
            Knee high and warm
I am
            Chloe, Moni, and Jones
            The most fabulous, craziest siblings ever!

 Scholastic Haiku

Futures can be pure
Some of them can be scary
What will mine behold?

Zombie Haiku
Comes up from the dead 
Really scary and mean
 Groaning and moaning

Imitation Poem "Choices"
even if i don't want to 
 i have to 
work        work         work
no extra time day after dreary day 
long nights
too much homework
even if i don't want to
i have to
 two more years of eagerness 
all my friends go just not me
 sitting at hame instead of dancind.
even if i don't want to 
i have to 
play the songs one note at a time 
the ticking of a metronome 
once a dull beginning
now a beatiful song
 but that's how
 mankind made a song 
out of noise